03 Jun

Kind Words from Cheryl

We asked one of our members a few questions and here are her lovely words. Thanks Cheryl

When did I join CrossFit?

Jan 2020

Why have you stayed with the gym while the location closed?

 Right from the offset of the COIVD saga, the gym decided to let out equipment for people to continue to train at home. They also quickly developed online classes through zoom to enable the feeling of training at the box. The WOD created, have been adaptable for people with equipment or without equipment ensuring that everyone can take part. Alongside the WOD’s, PTs have been offered to everyone which have been particularly useful to maintain motivation. The coaches have always been available for advice and support. CFTR have done everything they possibly can to support people through the pandemic. They really have provided a holistic approach to everyone’s individual needs. Personally, for me I’ve have an injury to my arm which has impeded my training, booked a PT and Mark sorted a different activity for me. That’s why I continued to train with them, you’re made to feel part of a big family. 

What does CrossFit mean to You?

I love the variety of exercises Crossfit have to offer. From Weights to Cardiovascular, it really is all round fitness and much more than a gym. Crossfit Rotherham is like being part of a big family that is inclusive to all from Kids to adults with different fitness levels. It does not matter who you are or what you do, we all have the common goal of training hard and having fun.  I have not been at the gym that long but always have been made to feel welcomed, even my dog embraced the CrossFit retreat.

 Favourite workout snack?

Apple, Peanut butter and rice cakes

 Favourite move in the gym?

Dead lifts or Saturday morning in the box

 Are you ready to come back to the gym post lockdown?


 Is it Safe? 

Definitely, the gym has put so much practical precautions in place to keep everybody safe

 Is CrossFit for everyone? Yes, the exercises are adapted to the person’s ability.

 Anything you want to share?

Yes, just like to say a massive thank you to the CrossFit team they have done a fantastic job during this Covid saga and probably have prevented lots of us going stir crazy during the lockdown.