18 May

The Great British Coastline Challenge


Hi all,
Hope you are well.
I wanted to give you an update from this week.
So, again, all signs seem to look good that hopeful that we will be opening in July.
And well done and thank you everybody for bearing with us and getting involved.
We did release a video this week on our plans – you can check it out here: http://www.crossfitrotherham.co.uk/crossfit/blog/video-update
I know it feels like a long time now. But it's great to see people still making efforts to keep themselves fit and pushing forward. And for those of you who aren’t as active – don’t worry we will get you back in shape!
No real changes on the timetable.
Saturday teamwod is a regular thing, then yoga afterwards.
Kids yoga is at Wednesday at three o'clock, gymnastics at 6 – and Bingo this week at 8 on Wednesday…
Can we ask all members, including kids and bootcamp to please fill in this Survey Monkey, just four questions on how you feel about returning to the gym and about a potential clothing order.
Takes two minutes and will help us get our plans right: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BTHT8RV
(It may last longer than a week…..)
It is a gym wide challenge but please keep using your groups to motivate each other.
We thought would be a really fabulous idea was if we could try and raise a little bit of money for the NHS, as well as keeping ourselves fit.
The challenge is to run/walk the coastal path of Great Britain.
6500 miles
It will require quite a bit of effort, ideally from everybody.
But every mile counts.
It has to be a minimum of mile. We are not counting steps that include walking around your own house. It is actually going out into the fresh air and walking or running.
Not rowing or not biking. If you are shielding and you have to stay at home, just drop me a message, and I've got an alternative for you.
But for everybody else that can go out, then fantastic let's get outside again, obviously you can social distance and meet up with one person so if you want to get involved with somebody else from the gym.
We want to clock these miles up so we have a web page and we have a just giving page.
You can see on the web page daily how many miles we've got through.
Web page here: http://www.crossfitrotherham.co.uk/great-british-coastline-challenge
All I need you to do whenever you go out for a walk or a run, is to just text me or Instagram or Facebook me or WhatsApp me and let me know how many miles – every single one counts!
I'm sure most of you know how to get hold of me and just tell me your name and how many miles you've done, then we will keep track and hopefully we will smash this target and obviously every time you get out on a run, walk share the link. My number is 07787561058
Lets see if we can get some more donations and do our bit.
This is a real chance to see what CFR can do – lets make a difference.
Some good wods on this week, open gyms obviously on all day, and I hope you're all well and if I can help, just give me a shout.