The rumour mill is abound with excitement; that the Prime Minister will speak today on reopening businesses that are still closed owing to the Pandemic.  Obviously gyms are amongst these businesses.  

And yes, we want to open.

And yes, we believe we are safe to open.

And yes, we believe we are far safer than group gatherings of alcohol affected individuals.

(But don't get us wrong - we are all for the hospitailtity industry opening safely as well))

To quote Dr Hilary....

"If you have been to a gym and you're doing aerobic work, you're breathing very fast and anything in your nose and throat is being expelled much more explosively than if you are sitting quietly in a pub."

Clearly Dr Hilary has seen me post workout when I am as red as a baboon and trying to reinstall life to my lungs - however he has not seen me in a pub, as sitting quietly after Prosecco isn't something that my personality is capable of.

And I would hasten to guess that Dr Hilary hasn't been inside a CrossFit gym.

Because we are already used to working out and social distancing - when you hold a barbell in your hand it is quite tricky to get close to anyone....

Plus we don't offer rows and rows of equipment, treadmills and bikes.  

We use our body, we use a rig and we use weights.

We do have bikes - assualt ones - you probaly don't want to stay on them for long, and in our case we have 7000 square foot of gym to play with, so we can position them far away from each other.

CrossFit gyms are typically hosted in large warehouses, in my gym we have 5 metre high ceilings, with fantastic ventilation - each person has at least 12 square metres to themselves following our new safety guidelines.

Our aim is not to make members sick, but to improve their health and fitness - it is why we all got into CrossFit.

So imagine, a beautifully large warehouse, where you have your own equipment for your class and don't have to share with others.  That has been cleaned before use, and will be cleaned after use.  Plus hand-washing is mandatory.  All in coached conditions, where someone is watching you all the time, for form, progression and if needs be social distancing.

That is us.

With members who are passionate about rebuilding their strength, and ensuring their fitness carries their bodies into old age.

We are businesses that need to open.

But we are businesses that are passionate about getting it right - because that is the very reason for our existence.

I invite MP's, Dr Hilary, and even Boris himself to come see our community and see how we differeniate ourselves, and how what we do makes a POSITIVE improvement to peoples lives and how seriosuly we are taking measures to ensure our members can fight all medical conditions with healthy bodies.

It is time to open.

And those who want to find a new way of working out post pandemic, in an establishment that offers the space and room to workout safely, then get in touch - because we are ready to induct you now outside, ready for the move inside!

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