08 Sep

How fitness helps with mental health

Mental health is currently one of the most discussed topics around the world. This is an amazing thing because for ages the mental health remained an unrecognized aspect and was given zero priority. This picture is slowly changing as more people are coming out of their shells and are discussing the importance of mental health. The following tips speak about the role of physical fitness in enhancing mental health.

  1. Body-mind connect

The oriental literature and philosophies have always emphasized on the connection of the body with the mind. A fit and healthy body is a key aspect of having a balanced mental state. A person who is fit enough to retain a level of energy throughout the day is basically supposed to have a mindful and balanced mental state. This is because a regular fitness regime coupled with a balanced diet helps to ensure good mental health. This is because when the body conditions are in equilibrium it also positively affects the mind or the mental state which is of utmost importance.

  1. Adopting a balanced regime

Having a balance in various areas of life is the key to a peaceful life. Be it the work and personal life balance or a balance in eating habits and workouts, the key to sustainable good health is balance. It is very important to realize the importance of adopting a balanced diet with the right amount of nutrient intake while not compromising on tasty foods. Along with this comes a regular workout regime which is crucial for a healthy body leading to a healthy mind. This balance is needed to provide the much-needed fun to oneself along with the discipline of self-control. This is an integral part of good mental health, for one who has control over their mind can literally achieve anything.

  1. Meditation as a daily exercise

Since ages meditation is considered a  crucial tool to restore the peace of mind that one seems to lose after a day’s work or social interactions. Mediation is nothing but a mirror that reflects one’s inner self and helps in accepting that. Regular meditation is a very good way to eliminate the toxicity one accumulates throughout the day. A person who regularly meditates is much calmer and needless to say wiser in all kinds of situations. Thus mediation is a tool that calms the mind thereby positively affecting both physical and mental health.

  1. Mindfulness practice

Mindfulness is a term that implies staying at the present moment. This is a crucial practice to achieve both mental and physical fitness. This is because being mindful on one hand enhances the physical workout and on the other hand prevents the wandering of one’s mind. This is a very underrated practice that must be practiced in a better way to have a good and peaceful life.

      5.Consistency with fitness goals

A key factor for good health is consistency. One must stick to a fixed regime to achieve a level of body fitness along with good mental health. The key to being consistent following a simple routine and do it regularly. To be precise the key to a consistent fitness journey is “hit hard and hit often”. This will surely lead to a good state of physical fitness. So don’t think twice before taking up a gym subscription. Invest in it so as to reap the long term benefits of good health.

It is very important to know that our body is made up of seven chakras or elements which get connected when the body and mind are connected and are in equilibrium. This is a key requirement for a peaceful life.

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