08 Sep

Impact of Lifestyle on Health

The recent past decades have shown some significant impact of lifestyle on our health, both mental and physical. As per WHO’s latest research, 60% of the health and quality of life-related factors correspond to lifestyle. The day to day behaviour of an individual that includes eating & drinking habits, sleeping pattern, job, fun, physical activity, emotional stability, and substance use significantly contribute in creating good or bad health.

Every passing year brings extensive changes into our health, and the ones which are majorly responsible for unhealthy lifestyles are substance abuse, stress, malnutrition, unhealthy eating, improper sleep, and lack of physical exercise. Besides this, the fastest emerging lifestyle that is undoubtedly going to bring worse challenges in front of us soon is misuse and overuse of technology and screen. This is why experts are keeping it a point to aware and alert maximum of the individuals, especially the teenagers and youth about the impact of lifestyle on health.
Now, as explained above, the way an unhealthy lifestyle can cause severe impact on bad health, the similar way a healthy and alert lifestyle can bring in positive and visible health changes to an individual.

Some major patterns, habits, and lifestyle variables that can Impact either way on our health are:
Diet: The most significant factor that has an impact on both good health and bad health is our diet. Poor diet and modern eating habits directly lead you to obesity, diseases, downfall in health and even death in some cases. The rise in fast food, unhygienic food, improper and untimely eating habits imbalance our BMI (Body Mass Index) and often leads our physical wellbeing to slow metabolism, low immunity diabetes, obesity, various cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep: One of the necessary but often underrated and ignored bases of health is sleep. The fact that sleep is an integral part of our life cannot be denied or proven wrong. Your lifestyle may bring an effect on your sleeping patterns, and that brings in an evident influence on your mental and physical wellbeing. A proper and sound sleep brings relaxation, rejuvenation, freshness, and positive energy to life. Whereas sleep disorders bring severe psychological, economic, social, and most importantly health consequences.

Exercise and other physical activities: A regular exercising routine improves blood circulation, strengthens heart, brings in mental fitness, in short, overall wellbeing. An improved blood circulation level lowers your risk of heart diseases and heart attack. Indulging yourself in any exercise or physical activity also helps you fight stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, ATDHE, PTSD disorders. Moreover, if your physical routine brings you closer to nature, then it shows a better and quicker impact on your mental health.
Exercise also fosters your sense of self-worth, sharpens memory, boosts your immune system, reduces the impact of stress, helps promote sleep and makes you more energized.

Use of technology and screen: Entry of technology and gadgets have surely eased down a lot of our day to day physical and mental work, but it also brings us to the fact about how much of a negative impact it has profound on us. Misuse, overuse, and inappropriate use of gadgets and technologies impact on our eating, sleeping, and physical routine. Addiction to phone and screen also is correlated to depression symptoms which we often ignore or neglect to talk about.

Substance abuse: Addiction and misuse of any lifestyle or habit are considered bad for our health. Smoking in any form results in various respiratory diseases and cancer. Not only that but research and studies show that passive smoking too brings severe impact and downfall on one’s respiratory health. At the same place, use of alcohol and other intoxications only drive us towards downfall in health, peace, family life, and social wellbeing.

With study and research on humans, these 5 lifestyle factors are responsible for the positive and negative impact on health. Systematic planning and improvement in regards to all the above lifestyle factors can bring a considerable change.

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