• 09 Jul

    Why CrossFit is Different: In Response to Dr Hilary

    The rumour mill is abound with excitement; that the Prime Minister will speak today on reopening businesses that are still closed owing to the Pandemic.  Obviously gyms are amongst these businesses.  

    And yes, we want to open.

    And yes, we believe we are safe to open.

    And yes, we believe we are far safer than group gatherings of alcohol affected individuals.

    (But don't get us wrong - we are all for the hospitailtity industry opening safely as well))

    To quote Dr Hilary....

    "If you have been to a gym and you're doing aerobic work, you're breathing very fast and anything in your nose and throat is being expelled much more explosively than if you are sitting quietly in a pub."

    Clearly Dr Hilary has seen me post workout when I am as red as a baboon and trying to reinstall life to my lungs - however she has not seen me in a pub, as sitting quietly after Prosecco isn't something that my personality is capable of.

    And I would hasten to guess that Dr Hilary hasn't been inside a CrossFit gym.

    Because we are already used to working out and social distancing - when you hold a barbell in your hand it is quite tricky to get close to anyone....

    Plus we don't offer rows and rows of equipment, treadmills and bikes.  

    We use our body, we use a rig and we use weights.

    We do have bikes - assualt ones - you probaly don't want to stay on them for long, and in our case we have 7000 square foot of gym to play with, so we can position them far away from each other.

    CrossFit gyms are typically hosted in large warehouses, in my gym we have 5 metre high ceilings, with fantastic ventilation - each person has at least 12 square metres to themselves following our new safety guidelines.

    Our aim is not to make members sick, but to improve their health and fitness - it is why we all got into CrossFit.

    So imagine, a beautifully large warehouse, where you have your own equipment for your class and don't have to share with others.  That has been cleaned before use, and will be cleaned after use.  Plus hand-washing is mandatory.  All in coached conditions, where someone is watching you all the time, for form, progression and if needs be social distancing.

    That is us.

    With members who are passionate about rebuilding their strength, and ensuring their fitness carries their bodies into old age.

    We are businesses that need to open.

    But we are businesses that are passionate about getting it right - because that is the very reason for our existence.

    I invite MP's, Dr Hilary, and even Boris himself to come see our community and see how we differeniate ourselves, and how what we do makes a POSITIVE improvement to peoples lives and how seriosuly we are taking measures to ensure our members can fight all medical conditions with healthy bodies.

    It is time to open.

    And those who want to find a new way of working out post pandemic, in an establishment that offers the space and room to workout safely, then get in touch - because we are ready to induct you now outside, ready for the move inside!


  • 03 Jun

    Kind Words from Cheryl

    We asked one of our members a few questions and here are her lovely words. Thanks Cheryl

    When did I join CrossFit?

    Jan 2020

    Why have you stayed with the gym while the location closed?

     Right from the offset of the COIVD saga, the gym decided to let out equipment for people to continue to train at home. They also quickly developed online classes through zoom to enable the feeling of training at the box. The WOD created, have been adaptable for people with equipment or without equipment ensuring that everyone can take part. Alongside the WOD’s, PTs have been offered to everyone which have been particularly useful to maintain motivation. The coaches have always been available for advice and support. CFTR have done everything they possibly can to support people through the pandemic. They really have provided a holistic approach to everyone’s individual needs. Personally, for me I’ve have an injury to my arm which has impeded my training, booked a PT and Mark sorted a different activity for me. That’s why I continued to train with them, you’re made to feel part of a big family. 

    What does CrossFit mean to You?

    I love the variety of exercises Crossfit have to offer. From Weights to Cardiovascular, it really is all round fitness and much more than a gym. Crossfit Rotherham is like being part of a big family that is inclusive to all from Kids to adults with different fitness levels. It does not matter who you are or what you do, we all have the common goal of training hard and having fun.  I have not been at the gym that long but always have been made to feel welcomed, even my dog embraced the CrossFit retreat.

     Favourite workout snack?

    Apple, Peanut butter and rice cakes

     Favourite move in the gym?

    Dead lifts or Saturday morning in the box

     Are you ready to come back to the gym post lockdown?


     Is it Safe? 

    Definitely, the gym has put so much practical precautions in place to keep everybody safe

     Is CrossFit for everyone? Yes, the exercises are adapted to the person’s ability.

     Anything you want to share?

    Yes, just like to say a massive thank you to the CrossFit team they have done a fantastic job during this Covid saga and probably have prevented lots of us going stir crazy during the lockdown.





  • 31 May

    How has the Pandemic changed you?

    COVID-19, has been an  incredibly scary experience. It is something none of us have ever faced in our lifetime. And I'm sure it has made all of us look at the way we live our life, what we value most and think about the changes that will make when the new normal begins.

    The media suggests that fitness and nutrition, are going to be incredibly high on people's agenda. Even Boris Johnson has spoken about how obesity and the pandemic are closely linked.

    We only get one body, and one life. And we should maximise both.

    What fitness is right for you.?

    To be honest, I would argue any!

    Getting your body moving, challenging yourself, building muscle, increasing stamina.

    These are all fantastic ways to have a healthy body, and a healthy mind.

    Couple of things I would think about before you run out post Lockdown and buy that £15.99 gym membership and  sign up for a year with good intention.

    Think about accountability.

    Because although the last three months have made us all think.

    It doesn't mean that will force a change in habits.

    If you weren't accountable before, how will you be accountable now?

    training should be taught.

    And that taught by a teacher needs to be skilled and efficient in what they do.

    Fitness needs variety. To be something where you can evolve, where you can learn new skills.

    No matter what age you are, or what body size, You begin with.

    You need to Find an environment that is accepting, one that will simply support you for turning up and having a go.

    Clearly this article has a bias towards CrossFit.

    But if you've never heard of it before you probably don't actually know what we do and what we stand for.

    Let me explain.

    CrossFit is community led fitness.

    It is a combination  of Olympic weightlifting gymnastics and cardiovascular exercise, designed to be performed at an intense level.

    It's well renowned for its strong sense of community and passion and it’s ability to improve significantly, both mental and physical health.

    It is coached.

    You will learn.

    I've watched members. Begin without being able to do a handstand against the wall, and ultimately walking across the gym floor on their hands.

    I've seen women who've never lifted a weight in their life become proficient at Olympic weightlifting.

    I've seen children join and grow in confidence.

    As they learned to build a strong body and mind.

    You get what you pay for at CrossFit. And we don’t sign up to a 12 month contract. Because we don't believe that actually gets you fit. It makes you accountable to a direct debit not a fitness regime.

    You may notice above we said we train it intensity that does mean at times it's hard. It's challenging.

    This is why you build mental strength.

    The coaches will teach you how to change the workout to see where you are on your journey.

    And as you grow in confidence, you will grow in skill and ability.

    And the people.....

    People are what make CrossFit what it is

    it doesn't matter if you turn up. And you are 6 stone overweight or if you turn up and you're looking to build muscle. We will support you and get behind you, turning up ,showing up getting it done. That's what we're about.

    So how do you join?

    At the moment gyms are closed.

    As a side point. The vast majority of our members, continue to pay their membership throughout this time we've continued to train them in the garden, By online support, by continuous messaging and conversations. Our members have chosen to stay and pay, which I think says a huge amount about the gym and a community

    To join us.

    You need to come in and do an introduction class. Typically it takes two hours, where we will go through the basics of giving you an understanding of some of the terminology that we use, and a demonstration of the movements.

    We'll also look at what support you need from us, talk to you about any background history, any injuries that we need to be aware of to make sure we keep you safe and protected in class.

    Following the introduction class you can join any of our classes from generic CrossFit to gymnastics to barbell to our cardio classes.

    You will continue to be coached in those classes.

    We run a limit on numbers and we can train and social distance with ease.

    We're really lucky. We have a 7000, square foot facility where we'll have clearly marked out areas where your equipment will be cleaned and  safety is our highest priority

    We are taking advance deposits to make you accountable in July.

    £5 deposit secured you a space on an introduction class the first fortnight we open.

    Simply click the link below and we will get you signed up.

    Sign Up

    See you at the start of your journey.

  • 18 May

    The Great British Coastline Challenge


    Hi all,
    Hope you are well.
    I wanted to give you an update from this week.
    So, again, all signs seem to look good that hopeful that we will be opening in July.
    And well done and thank you everybody for bearing with us and getting involved.
    We did release a video this week on our plans – you can check it out here: http://www.crossfitrotherham.co.uk/crossfit/blog/video-update
    I know it feels like a long time now. But it's great to see people still making efforts to keep themselves fit and pushing forward. And for those of you who aren’t as active – don’t worry we will get you back in shape!
    No real changes on the timetable.
    Saturday teamwod is a regular thing, then yoga afterwards.
    Kids yoga is at Wednesday at three o'clock, gymnastics at 6 – and Bingo this week at 8 on Wednesday…
    Can we ask all members, including kids and bootcamp to please fill in this Survey Monkey, just four questions on how you feel about returning to the gym and about a potential clothing order.
    Takes two minutes and will help us get our plans right: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BTHT8RV
    (It may last longer than a week…..)
    It is a gym wide challenge but please keep using your groups to motivate each other.
    We thought would be a really fabulous idea was if we could try and raise a little bit of money for the NHS, as well as keeping ourselves fit.
    The challenge is to run/walk the coastal path of Great Britain.
    6500 miles
    It will require quite a bit of effort, ideally from everybody.
    But every mile counts.
    It has to be a minimum of mile. We are not counting steps that include walking around your own house. It is actually going out into the fresh air and walking or running.
    Not rowing or not biking. If you are shielding and you have to stay at home, just drop me a message, and I've got an alternative for you.
    But for everybody else that can go out, then fantastic let's get outside again, obviously you can social distance and meet up with one person so if you want to get involved with somebody else from the gym.
    We want to clock these miles up so we have a web page and we have a just giving page.
    You can see on the web page daily how many miles we've got through.
    Web page here: http://www.crossfitrotherham.co.uk/great-british-coastline-challenge
    All I need you to do whenever you go out for a walk or a run, is to just text me or Instagram or Facebook me or WhatsApp me and let me know how many miles – every single one counts!
    I'm sure most of you know how to get hold of me and just tell me your name and how many miles you've done, then we will keep track and hopefully we will smash this target and obviously every time you get out on a run, walk share the link. My number is 07787561058
    Lets see if we can get some more donations and do our bit.
    This is a real chance to see what CFR can do – lets make a difference.
    Some good wods on this week, open gyms obviously on all day, and I hope you're all well and if I can help, just give me a shout.

  • 14 May

    Video Update

    Short video of our plans for the gym when we are allowed to open. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us

  • 14 May

    Week 7 done and in the bag!

    Well done to everyone - and again thank you for the interaction, continued support and the lovely comments and messages.

    Some cracking results this week on sugarwod and in the arms challenge.

    Before we announce the winners, couple of updates – the gymnastic class was a huge success, thanks Georgia, and we will be running again on Wednesday night at 6pm, with our regular social at 8pm.

    Saturday team wod is running again and we have space for more PT with Mark the week after this.

    I am sure, most of you will be watching Boris this evening, the fitness industry has been awash with speculation this week as regards reopening dates.

    From our point of view, we have plans in place for social distancing and clearly designed strategies to ensure member safety. And our focus is coach and member safety and once we have listened to any updates tonight we have a meeting tomorrow to be able to focus on how we proceed with the new knowledge.

    So, whilst we know you will have questions, can you hold off till we release plans tomorrow and we can do a Q and A if needed?

    But, regardless of tonight’s words – our focus is to continue training you all, offering more at home and keeping you safe and healthy and part of CFR. Because, we are more than a gym 😊

    So the scores,

    If you recall there were a 100 extra points on offer for those with the highest class attendance and highest cumulative scores.

    Arm scores for the weekend:

    Mushy Mushkeeters: 720

    Booty Babes: 800

    The Gnome Army: 3405

    Team Selina: 4950

    Rodway Radicals: 5835

    Total scores:

    Mushy Mushkeeters: 11752

    Booty Babes: 8545

    The Gnome Army: 9115

    Team Selina: 16432

    Rodway Radicals: 20544


    Mushy Mushkeeters: 1.54

    Booty Babes: 1.7

    The Gnome Army: 0.32

    Team Selina: 1.35

    Rodway Radicals: 0.7

    The Booty Babes and Rodway Radicals both get an extra 100 points.

    Final scores:

    The Gnome Army: 95

    Mushy Mushkeeters: 185

    Booty Babes: 210

    Team Selina: 275

    Rodway Radicals: 475

    No competition next week – although I am keen to see any training videos to put together some videos please!

    Will update you tomorrow after the Government announcement tonight.

    Take care all,


  • 03 May

    Challenge Winners & Updates

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you are well, really missing our box now!

    This week we have continued to look at how we can run the gym safely and get you all in training.  Following the government announcement this week we should be in a position to provide more clarity. 

    A couple of updates on classes,

    This week we have a specialty gymnastics class with Georgia and Mark on Wednesday at 6pm, and the CF kids and teens have their very own yoga class on Wednesday at 3.

    Plus – our Wednesday night social has a whole new game – 8pm – 45 minutes, please come along and say hi – we miss your faces!

    Again, thank you for still being part of CFR, for training, for sharing your achievements on social media – as a small business where we all love what we do – words can’t describe how grateful we are.  Because of you – we have a CFR to come back to and hopefully you can see the work we are doing to support our members.

    The Next Challenge

    Anything Arms Goes!

    You get one point for either:

    (any variation counts)


    Tricep Dips



    HSW steps

    Plus Zoom classes attended

    So, the scoring – pay attention…

    It is slightly different than last week

    Max reps is what we are looking for, but after each count up – the scores reset to 0

    So scores are due in on Monday at 6.30pm, Wednesday at 6.30pm, Friday at 6.30pm, Sunday @ 5.30pm

    However the team that gets the most points over the week gets a 100 extra points.

    On the Sunday, each teams average zoom attendance will be broken down and an additional 100 points for the winning team, followed by 75, 50, etc.

    Basically – do loads of reps and loads of classes – job done.



    This challenge has been great, some quieter members have joined in, and to hear Katie from the 6.30am group talk about how much she has enjoyed it has been music to my ears.

    The effort levels have been tremendous.

    But the final scores…

    (It is points that count)

    On steps climbed,

    In reverse order:

    Team Selina: 62,758

    Radical Rodways: 95,578

    Mush Mushketeers: 105,692

    The Gnome Army: 114,723

    But the Booty Babes came in with an incredible: 130,168


    Then classes attended:

    Radical Rodways on 0.75

    The Gnome Army on 1

    Team Selina on 1.4

    Booty Babes on 2

    Mushy Mushketeers on 2.4


    Which means….

    (It all came down to classes attended..)

    In reverse order:

    Team Selina: 95 points

    Radical Rodways: 120 points

    Booty Babes: 285

    The Gnome Army: 350

    Mushy Musketeers: 425


    So get behind your team this week, the banter has been great and is always lovely to see you!

    If we can help, let us know,



  • 26 Apr

    End of Week 5

    Hi all,

     Hope you have all got through Week 5 safe and well.  I know a couple of our NHS workers have battled with Covid-19, and I hope you all know how grateful we are to our member out working against the disease.

     This email will cover winners of this week’s challenge, next week’s challenge and cover off some of our plans for when businesses start to open again.

     I’ll start back to front.


     We very much want you all back.  But, our primary focus is safety and wellness of all our members.  We have a ridiculous amount of plans about how we manage social distancing, and how we make the gym far safer than any supermarket.  We need to understand the government guidelines before fully explaining how we see it working but to reassure there are many plans in place.

     We will only open when we know we have everything ready and feel it is safe.

     The only thing we know for certain is that equipment will be sanitised after every use and wiped down, you will have to book in for every time you come into the gym so we can control numbers. and we will manage social distancing.  We have contactless thermometers to check temperatures and closely following what other gyms are doing that are re-opening.   Plus because of the size of our gym we will look at running two classes – one in each side to reinforce social distancing and allowing us to clean and limit numbers per class to make it safe.  And we are closely looking at Open Gym and how that fits into guidelines.

     For members who are shielding or want to wait before coming back into the gym, we will continue Zoom workouts, kit loan, and ensuring full involvement.

     We see you guys as family, we are not a Globogym, and we will work our arses off to ensure a healthy, safe, training environment.

     Thank you again, for sticking with us, training hard, posting on social media and being the best members.

     The wining team of this weeks ZOOM and OG challenge is

     Mush Musketeers on: 10.8

    Team Selina on: 9.37

    Radical Rodways on: 7,5

    Gnome Army: 5.6

     Well done to Mushy’s Mushketeers

     Can they win the next one? .

     Lets climb a mountain

     The next challenge runs from Monday 8am to Sunday 5pm.

     It also has a new team entry - The Bootcamp Babes!

     You will have two ways to score points.

     1.  For every Zoom class, group PT, or Barbell class - you score 1 points.

    (the total of your team will be divided by the amount of people in each group to get a fair average)


     2. Lets climb the 3 peaks....

     Each team is set the challenge of walking the three peaks, you will get a point for each one step you climb (and you must complete at least a hundred in a session).

     First Team to hit 17000, gets an extra 100 points.

     (You are going to have to keep a note of your steps!)

     Have a great week, 

     Contact me if I can help,

     Stay safe...