31 May

How has the Pandemic changed you?

COVID-19, has been an  incredibly scary experience. It is something none of us have ever faced in our lifetime. And I'm sure it has made all of us look at the way we live our life, what we value most and think about the changes that will make when the new normal begins.

The media suggests that fitness and nutrition, are going to be incredibly high on people's agenda. Even Boris Johnson has spoken about how obesity and the pandemic are closely linked.

We only get one body, and one life. And we should maximise both.

What fitness is right for you.?

To be honest, I would argue any!

Getting your body moving, challenging yourself, building muscle, increasing stamina.

These are all fantastic ways to have a healthy body, and a healthy mind.

Couple of things I would think about before you run out post Lockdown and buy that £15.99 gym membership and  sign up for a year with good intention.

Think about accountability.

Because although the last three months have made us all think.

It doesn't mean that will force a change in habits.

If you weren't accountable before, how will you be accountable now?

training should be taught.

And that taught by a teacher needs to be skilled and efficient in what they do.

Fitness needs variety. To be something where you can evolve, where you can learn new skills.

No matter what age you are, or what body size, You begin with.

You need to Find an environment that is accepting, one that will simply support you for turning up and having a go.

Clearly this article has a bias towards CrossFit.

But if you've never heard of it before you probably don't actually know what we do and what we stand for.

Let me explain.

CrossFit is community led fitness.

It is a combination  of Olympic weightlifting gymnastics and cardiovascular exercise, designed to be performed at an intense level.

It's well renowned for its strong sense of community and passion and it’s ability to improve significantly, both mental and physical health.

It is coached.

You will learn.

I've watched members. Begin without being able to do a handstand against the wall, and ultimately walking across the gym floor on their hands.

I've seen women who've never lifted a weight in their life become proficient at Olympic weightlifting.

I've seen children join and grow in confidence.

As they learned to build a strong body and mind.

You get what you pay for at CrossFit. And we don’t sign up to a 12 month contract. Because we don't believe that actually gets you fit. It makes you accountable to a direct debit not a fitness regime.

You may notice above we said we train it intensity that does mean at times it's hard. It's challenging.

This is why you build mental strength.

The coaches will teach you how to change the workout to see where you are on your journey.

And as you grow in confidence, you will grow in skill and ability.

And the people.....

People are what make CrossFit what it is

it doesn't matter if you turn up. And you are 6 stone overweight or if you turn up and you're looking to build muscle. We will support you and get behind you, turning up ,showing up getting it done. That's what we're about.

So how do you join?

At the moment gyms are closed.

As a side point. The vast majority of our members, continue to pay their membership throughout this time we've continued to train them in the garden, By online support, by continuous messaging and conversations. Our members have chosen to stay and pay, which I think says a huge amount about the gym and a community

To join us.

You need to come in and do an introduction class. Typically it takes two hours, where we will go through the basics of giving you an understanding of some of the terminology that we use, and a demonstration of the movements.

We'll also look at what support you need from us, talk to you about any background history, any injuries that we need to be aware of to make sure we keep you safe and protected in class.

Following the introduction class you can join any of our classes from generic CrossFit to gymnastics to barbell to our cardio classes.

You will continue to be coached in those classes.

We run a limit on numbers and we can train and social distance with ease.

We're really lucky. We have a 7000, square foot facility where we'll have clearly marked out areas where your equipment will be cleaned and  safety is our highest priority

We are taking advance deposits to make you accountable in July.

£5 deposit secured you a space on an introduction class the first fortnight we open.

Simply click the link below and we will get you signed up.

Sign Up

See you at the start of your journey.