• 25 Jan

    Pull - Up Progressions at home

    Tom Rawlinson has put together some fantastic pull-up progressions for you to do at home during lockdown.

    Pull-Up Progressions


    Team CFR

  • 21 Jan

    Big Friday!

    It is Big Friday!

    Looks more complicated than it is - and Mark, Liam and Matt will be recording it on Facebook Live at 9.45am, Friday morning!

    Jump onto Youtube to look at movements and home variations

    Saturday is a Zoom workout - so book onto Wodboard and we will see you then!

    Team CFR

  • 19 Jan

    Home CrossFit Workout: January 20th

    Home Workout!

    As always, this can be performed with or without kit....

    Good kit replacements are a bag of clothes, suitcase full of twenty bags of sugar (20kg!), heavy object, KB etc.

    The movements are demo'ed here.  (Subscribe to the YouTube channel!)

    We still have wall balls in the box, feel free to come loan one.

    Have a crack, pop your score in sugarwod - send us any videos if you want form feedback etc.

    See you soon, keep training.

    Team CFR

  • 18 Jan

    A jump and a skip - Tuesday 19th January - Lockdown workout

    Your Tuesday wod...

    Watch the video to see the home adaptations...

    21 minute AMRAP

    7 Deadlifts

    14 Box Jumps

    42 Double Unders

    Record on Sugarwod.

    Good luck team!

  • 18 Jan

    10 Minute Abs with Coach Liam

    Lockdown Wods...

    (Or indeed - great wods to do when working out from home....)

    Coach Liam has put a couple of incredible (ab burning) workouts together to help continue building your core at home!

    Check them out and let us know what you think....

    10 minutes abs - workout one

    10 minute abs - workout two

    Team CFR

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  • 08 Sep

    How fitness helps with mental health

    Mental health is currently one of the most discussed topics around the world. This is an amazing thing because for ages the mental health remained an unrecognized aspect and was given zero priority. This picture is slowly changing as more people are coming out of their shells and are discussing the importance of mental health. The following tips speak about the role of physical fitness in enhancing mental health.

    1. Body-mind connect

    The oriental literature and philosophies have always emphasized on the connection of the body with the mind. A fit and healthy body is a key aspect of having a balanced mental state. A person who is fit enough to retain a level of energy throughout the day is basically supposed to have a mindful and balanced mental state. This is because a regular fitness regime coupled with a balanced diet helps to ensure good mental health. This is because when the body conditions are in equilibrium it also positively affects the mind or the mental state which is of utmost importance.

    1. Adopting a balanced regime

    Having a balance in various areas of life is the key to a peaceful life. Be it the work and personal life balance or a balance in eating habits and workouts, the key to sustainable good health is balance. It is very important to realize the importance of adopting a balanced diet with the right amount of nutrient intake while not compromising on tasty foods. Along with this comes a regular workout regime which is crucial for a healthy body leading to a healthy mind. This balance is needed to provide the much-needed fun to oneself along with the discipline of self-control. This is an integral part of good mental health, for one who has control over their mind can literally achieve anything.

    1. Meditation as a daily exercise

    Since ages meditation is considered a  crucial tool to restore the peace of mind that one seems to lose after a day’s work or social interactions. Mediation is nothing but a mirror that reflects one’s inner self and helps in accepting that. Regular meditation is a very good way to eliminate the toxicity one accumulates throughout the day. A person who regularly meditates is much calmer and needless to say wiser in all kinds of situations. Thus mediation is a tool that calms the mind thereby positively affecting both physical and mental health.

    1. Mindfulness practice

    Mindfulness is a term that implies staying at the present moment. This is a crucial practice to achieve both mental and physical fitness. This is because being mindful on one hand enhances the physical workout and on the other hand prevents the wandering of one’s mind. This is a very underrated practice that must be practiced in a better way to have a good and peaceful life.

          5.Consistency with fitness goals

    A key factor for good health is consistency. One must stick to a fixed regime to achieve a level of body fitness along with good mental health. The key to being consistent following a simple routine and do it regularly. To be precise the key to a consistent fitness journey is “hit hard and hit often”. This will surely lead to a good state of physical fitness. So don’t think twice before taking up a gym subscription. Invest in it so as to reap the long term benefits of good health.

    It is very important to know that our body is made up of seven chakras or elements which get connected when the body and mind are connected and are in equilibrium. This is a key requirement for a peaceful life.

    To find out more how CrossFit can help you mentally and physically, get in touch

  • 08 Sep

    Impact of Lifestyle on Health

    The recent past decades have shown some significant impact of lifestyle on our health, both mental and physical. As per WHO’s latest research, 60% of the health and quality of life-related factors correspond to lifestyle. The day to day behaviour of an individual that includes eating & drinking habits, sleeping pattern, job, fun, physical activity, emotional stability, and substance use significantly contribute in creating good or bad health.

    Every passing year brings extensive changes into our health, and the ones which are majorly responsible for unhealthy lifestyles are substance abuse, stress, malnutrition, unhealthy eating, improper sleep, and lack of physical exercise. Besides this, the fastest emerging lifestyle that is undoubtedly going to bring worse challenges in front of us soon is misuse and overuse of technology and screen. This is why experts are keeping it a point to aware and alert maximum of the individuals, especially the teenagers and youth about the impact of lifestyle on health.
    Now, as explained above, the way an unhealthy lifestyle can cause severe impact on bad health, the similar way a healthy and alert lifestyle can bring in positive and visible health changes to an individual.

    Some major patterns, habits, and lifestyle variables that can Impact either way on our health are:
    Diet: The most significant factor that has an impact on both good health and bad health is our diet. Poor diet and modern eating habits directly lead you to obesity, diseases, downfall in health and even death in some cases. The rise in fast food, unhygienic food, improper and untimely eating habits imbalance our BMI (Body Mass Index) and often leads our physical wellbeing to slow metabolism, low immunity diabetes, obesity, various cardiovascular diseases.

    Sleep: One of the necessary but often underrated and ignored bases of health is sleep. The fact that sleep is an integral part of our life cannot be denied or proven wrong. Your lifestyle may bring an effect on your sleeping patterns, and that brings in an evident influence on your mental and physical wellbeing. A proper and sound sleep brings relaxation, rejuvenation, freshness, and positive energy to life. Whereas sleep disorders bring severe psychological, economic, social, and most importantly health consequences.

    Exercise and other physical activities: A regular exercising routine improves blood circulation, strengthens heart, brings in mental fitness, in short, overall wellbeing. An improved blood circulation level lowers your risk of heart diseases and heart attack. Indulging yourself in any exercise or physical activity also helps you fight stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, ATDHE, PTSD disorders. Moreover, if your physical routine brings you closer to nature, then it shows a better and quicker impact on your mental health.
    Exercise also fosters your sense of self-worth, sharpens memory, boosts your immune system, reduces the impact of stress, helps promote sleep and makes you more energized.

    Use of technology and screen: Entry of technology and gadgets have surely eased down a lot of our day to day physical and mental work, but it also brings us to the fact about how much of a negative impact it has profound on us. Misuse, overuse, and inappropriate use of gadgets and technologies impact on our eating, sleeping, and physical routine. Addiction to phone and screen also is correlated to depression symptoms which we often ignore or neglect to talk about.

    Substance abuse: Addiction and misuse of any lifestyle or habit are considered bad for our health. Smoking in any form results in various respiratory diseases and cancer. Not only that but research and studies show that passive smoking too brings severe impact and downfall on one’s respiratory health. At the same place, use of alcohol and other intoxications only drive us towards downfall in health, peace, family life, and social wellbeing.

    With study and research on humans, these 5 lifestyle factors are responsible for the positive and negative impact on health. Systematic planning and improvement in regards to all the above lifestyle factors can bring a considerable change.

    Want to make a change to your health and fitness, get in touch

  • 20 Jul

    9 Reasons why CrossFit will change your life

    CrossFit is growing in popularity all across the world. It's a fun way to get active and make your body become more responsive as well. Working out with this type of functional fitness is a great way to strengthen your core, mind, and overall health with fun activities that push you and build your confidence at the same time.

    If you're wondering if CrossFit is for you, here are some simple reasons why CrossFit will change your life. 

    9 Reasons why CrossFit will Change your life

    Wondering if you should take the plunge and join in on the CrossFit craze? These reasons just might convince you!

    It gets you up and off the couch

    Anything that gets you moving is great. The longer that you just sit stationary, the less healthy your body is going to be. 

    Joining a class gives you something to work towards

    When is the last time that you've set a daily goal? If you're needing a bit of motivation, signing up for a local CrossFit gym or class can be the perfect boost to make it happen.

    Your body will thank you

    If you're wanting to transform your body, CrossFit can easily make it happen. Each time you do CrossFit, you're taking the steps to make your body healthier and stronger.

    You're part of a group

    People who do CrossFit love the fact that they're surrounded by other people who are enjoying the same thing. This means that at the gym, you'll find comfort in showing up and being there with like-minded people.

    You will become stronger

    Day by day, your body is going to become stronger with each and every movement that you make. This is why so many people love CrossFit - because it's not as "plain and boring" as some of the other workout options and exercises. 

    Flexibility will improve

    When's the last time that you were able to touch your toes? If it's been a while, don't worry. The more CrossFit that you do, the better chance that you'll have that you'll start to have a lot more movement in your body. 

    You'll be able to maintain your weight - or lose some!

    If you're looking for a way to stop worrying about your weight and even shed some of that extra weight you have, CrossFit can help you do that! Its' a great way to burn the calories all while you're strengthening your core. 

    You'll actually look forward to your workouts

    Since the workouts are different daily, there's something fun and exciting to be said about getting your daily workout on. There will be less moments of dread and more moments of excitement, for certain. 

    It's a great way to change up your day

    If you're having a hard or stressful day, going to the CrossFit gym and working out just might be the answer that you need. Because once you start, you'll feel your body and mind relax and really get focused on the workout at hand. 

    As you can tell, CrossFit offers some great benefits that might be perfect for motivation! Our next induction class is Sunday the 26th at 9.30am - we welcome anyone who is ready to attack their fitness!

    You can sign up for the class and your first free month here!


  • 09 Jul

    Why CrossFit is Different: In Response to Dr Hilary

    The rumour mill is abound with excitement; that the Prime Minister will speak today on reopening businesses that are still closed owing to the Pandemic.  Obviously gyms are amongst these businesses.  

    And yes, we want to open.

    And yes, we believe we are safe to open.

    And yes, we believe we are far safer than group gatherings of alcohol affected individuals.

    (But don't get us wrong - we are all for the hospitailtity industry opening safely as well))

    To quote Dr Hilary....

    "If you have been to a gym and you're doing aerobic work, you're breathing very fast and anything in your nose and throat is being expelled much more explosively than if you are sitting quietly in a pub."

    Clearly Dr Hilary has seen me post workout when I am as red as a baboon and trying to reinstall life to my lungs - however he has not seen me in a pub, as sitting quietly after Prosecco isn't something that my personality is capable of.

    And I would hasten to guess that Dr Hilary hasn't been inside a CrossFit gym.

    Because we are already used to working out and social distancing - when you hold a barbell in your hand it is quite tricky to get close to anyone....

    Plus we don't offer rows and rows of equipment, treadmills and bikes.  

    We use our body, we use a rig and we use weights.

    We do have bikes - assualt ones - you probaly don't want to stay on them for long, and in our case we have 7000 square foot of gym to play with, so we can position them far away from each other.

    CrossFit gyms are typically hosted in large warehouses, in my gym we have 5 metre high ceilings, with fantastic ventilation - each person has at least 12 square metres to themselves following our new safety guidelines.

    Our aim is not to make members sick, but to improve their health and fitness - it is why we all got into CrossFit.

    So imagine, a beautifully large warehouse, where you have your own equipment for your class and don't have to share with others.  That has been cleaned before use, and will be cleaned after use.  Plus hand-washing is mandatory.  All in coached conditions, where someone is watching you all the time, for form, progression and if needs be social distancing.

    That is us.

    With members who are passionate about rebuilding their strength, and ensuring their fitness carries their bodies into old age.

    We are businesses that need to open.

    But we are businesses that are passionate about getting it right - because that is the very reason for our existence.

    I invite MP's, Dr Hilary, and even Boris himself to come see our community and see how we differeniate ourselves, and how what we do makes a POSITIVE improvement to peoples lives and how seriosuly we are taking measures to ensure our members can fight all medical conditions with healthy bodies.

    It is time to open.

    And those who want to find a new way of working out post pandemic, in an establishment that offers the space and room to workout safely, then get in touch - because we are ready to induct you now outside, ready for the move inside!


  • 03 Jun

    Kind Words from Cheryl

    We asked one of our members a few questions and here are her lovely words. Thanks Cheryl

    When did I join CrossFit?

    Jan 2020

    Why have you stayed with the gym while the location closed?

     Right from the offset of the COIVD saga, the gym decided to let out equipment for people to continue to train at home. They also quickly developed online classes through zoom to enable the feeling of training at the box. The WOD created, have been adaptable for people with equipment or without equipment ensuring that everyone can take part. Alongside the WOD’s, PTs have been offered to everyone which have been particularly useful to maintain motivation. The coaches have always been available for advice and support. CFTR have done everything they possibly can to support people through the pandemic. They really have provided a holistic approach to everyone’s individual needs. Personally, for me I’ve have an injury to my arm which has impeded my training, booked a PT and Mark sorted a different activity for me. That’s why I continued to train with them, you’re made to feel part of a big family. 

    What does CrossFit mean to You?

    I love the variety of exercises Crossfit have to offer. From Weights to Cardiovascular, it really is all round fitness and much more than a gym. Crossfit Rotherham is like being part of a big family that is inclusive to all from Kids to adults with different fitness levels. It does not matter who you are or what you do, we all have the common goal of training hard and having fun.  I have not been at the gym that long but always have been made to feel welcomed, even my dog embraced the CrossFit retreat.

     Favourite workout snack?

    Apple, Peanut butter and rice cakes

     Favourite move in the gym?

    Dead lifts or Saturday morning in the box

     Are you ready to come back to the gym post lockdown?


     Is it Safe? 

    Definitely, the gym has put so much practical precautions in place to keep everybody safe

     Is CrossFit for everyone? Yes, the exercises are adapted to the person’s ability.

     Anything you want to share?

    Yes, just like to say a massive thank you to the CrossFit team they have done a fantastic job during this Covid saga and probably have prevented lots of us going stir crazy during the lockdown.